Kat has been with the company for six years and has since climbed up the ladder to becoming our wonderful general manager. In addition to mentoring the staff she also monitors the day to day tasks at the store to ensure that our customers always have the best experience and the best selection of products. While she spends most of her time managing the shop, on her free time she enjoys smoking her favorite strain  Los Angeles Kush ‘Blue Box’.

Favorite Flower: Blue Box


Jasmine has been with the company since December of 2018, she started as a receptionist and is now one of the managers at Los Angeles Kush Collective. During her time as a receptionist, she noticed how all of her fellow employees knew and acknowledged the patients on a first name basis. This instantly motivated Jasmine in her job, as she felt the resaurance of working for a company that cared about their patients versus the profit. Her favorite strain of flower is the Los Angeles Kush ‘Red Box’. She also enjoys vaping on Los Angeles Kush vapes due to the fact that it is discreet and convenient. Her favorite flavor of LAK Vape is the ‘Original Blue’.

Favorite Flower: Red Box


Ivy is another one of great managers, her favorite thing to consume is flower and her favorite Los Angeles Kush strain is ‘Blue Box’. This is her favorite because she loves the OG pine earthy flavor and the relaxing sedating high.

Favorite Flower: Blue Box


When asked to reflect on her first day at Los Angeles Kush Collective, Kristen remembers being extremely excited because of how professional the shop was compared to previous jobs she held. Kristen was hired in April of 2018 and has proven to be a stellar addition to the team and is currently one of the managers. Kristen loves to smoke the Los Angeles Kush strain ‘Black Gelato’. This is her favorite because it leaves her feeling calm,relaxed and motivated and has very uplifting properties.

Favorite Flower: Black Gelato


April has been with the company for five months and in that short amount of time, she has already been promoted to assistant manager due in part to her excellent customer service. When asked to reflect on her first day she remembers being extremely excited, because of how well known Los Angeles Kush is. She has always wanted to work in the cannabis industry and working at Los Angeles Kush has only solidified that for her. April’s favorite smoking method is a flower and favorite in house strain is ‘Kushberry Cheesecake’. April also loves the LAK Vapes specifically ‘Red Box’ due to the fact that it is super effective and immediately relaxes her body and helps her sleep after a long day.

Favorite Flower: Red Box



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